Wood Material

During the wood board preparation process the machine dried and smooth planed layers are glued to each other with environmentally-friendly, formaldehyde-free adhesive, and this process lets the wood keep all its natural benefits and textures, but improves its stability and long life characteristics.The carefully selected laminated sections guarantee the boards having a minimum of blemishes, whilst maintaining a consistent and appealing, even texture of the wood, Due to the smaller size of each board shrinkage, expansion or deformity is kept to the minimum. A main feature is the attractive finish, solid and durable material and the value that comes from real wood’s appearance and feel.

Few know that the Scots Pine is a forest pine (Pinus sylvestris) material. It is one of the most durable pine wood types, its material is not only long-lasting but has many aspects of use. The Scots Pine hardness characteristics and qualities are between the Spruce and the Red Pine wood materials, hence the attractive price range.

The boards made from the Scots Pine wood have their own unique individual grain patterns and this provides a pleasant aesthetic appearance, and over time the wood matures to gain a finish similar to the Red Pine wood material.

Scots (Borovi) Pine

Composition: Forest Pine, max. 60 mm wide, overlapping continuous laminates, natural finish
Thickness: 22 mm
Moisture Content: 8% ex-factory 
Adhesive: D4
Quality:  A: homogenous, smooth surface, knot-free quality 
Weight: 550 kg/m3

Timber supplier: Szomex Kft.